The 5 Pillars of Digital Marketing

With its immense advantages, Digital marketing has successfully managed to gain an edge over traditional marketing. Digital Marketing has now become an inevitable part of every business with an online presence. If you want to stay in the game, you need to amp up your Digital Marketing strategies. What exactly are the pillars of digital marketing? Let’s have a brief look at them to understand better:

Social Media Marketing:

Everyone these days has marked their online identity with a presence on at least one social media platform – be it Gmail, Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook. We all find ourselves in one of these categories. And this is what is tapped by the social media pillar of Digital Marketing. Analysis of the target crowd and using their presence on social media to promote your products and services is what Social Media Marketing does.

Content Marketing:


Content rules the digital world. People lap up content more than anything else, as it is informative in nature and information is what people seek when they browse through the internet. If you can give them the kind of content that is expected and desired, you’re in the game. And content marketing is seen as a highly impactful aspect of digital marketing too.

Search engine Optimisation:

SEO is the backbone of Digital marketing. What use are your strategies if they are not accessible to people? SEO helps you overcome this by making sure you’re at the top, and your search engine ranks are always high. Without SEO, the best of content or the best social media marketing will be futile.

Email marketing:


Emails are an inevitable part of our lives. So why not use them to market your products and services? Generating a strong customer base, getting them to subscribe to your site and then ensuring they receive a constant stream of essential updates is what gets covered in the Email marketing aspect of Digital marketing.

Radio and television marketing:

The mass media, via which a single message can reach thousands at a time shouldn’t be left behind. These are most accessible means of communication and reach even the common man, who may not have access to social media. To target such audience, radio and television marketing is essential.

Digital marketing cannot function on the basis of any one pillar – you need to consider factors, sync all the pillars and devise an effective strategy to cut through the communication barriers and become more accessible to your target audience.